Time Square Experience

« I have, from a very early age, been attracted to creation.
From the beginning, the choices I made and the paths I chose have always been influenced by my intuition.

Throughout my life I have met many people who have helped me to develop as an artist. It is thanks to them that I have learned to exploit stimulation from many different sources, whether it’s a picture, a feeling or a material. We never stop learning! That’s why I always look forward to traveling and meeting new people.

I also believe that the ability to create comes, in turn, from the ability to connect to oneself. As soon as I visualise something that comes from within, something that reflects who I am, I do whatever I can to create it. As a result, what I produce is an extension of who I am.

I would define myself as an
Intuitive Designer.   »




Camille De Gend is a designer and painter from Belgium. Since graduating in fashion design from the Haute École Francisco Ferrer (HEFF) in Brussels, she has been developing her signature designing costumes for music videos and short films.